Biomirex Inc. is a drug discovery company that is focused on the development of antibody-based therapeutics.

Our pipeline

Business Overview

Biomirex Inc. is a drug discovery company that focuses on development of antibody-based therapeutics. Biomirex core technology is a set of antigen presentation platforms especially designed for complex membrane proteins such as G-protein coupled receptors, amino acid and drug transporters, ion channels and alike. The Biomirex’s platforms in combination with phage display technology constitute a powerful engine for isolation of fully human antibodies.

Products and Services

Biomirex Inc. provides multiple opportunities for structuring antibody drug discovery projects for their customers. Our professional relations include full service projects from target nomination through pre-clinical animal studies as an example of the most comprehensive packages. Alternatively, any separate task such as generation of antigen presentation platforms for immunization or phage display selection could be performed for our customers. Biomirex Inc. and our Scientific Advisory Board provide consulting services on the design of antibody discovery projects and studies.

Internal projects

One of the areas that we currently focus our efforts in is development of antibodies against HIV receptors such as chemokine receptor CCR5 for eradication of AIDS. Surface HIV-1 glycoprotein is an established target for treatment of HIV infection. However, due to its ability to mutate at high rate, antibodies against this protein are not very effective. Alternative approach includes targeting of HIV receptors on the surface of human cells. Among the best validates candidates CCR5 chemokine receptor is a key target. Biomirex invests substantial efforts in discovery and characterization of CCR5-specific antibodies for future development as therapeutic agents.

Our pipeline also includes targets implicated in cancer, cardio-vascular and autoimmune diseases.