Biomirex Inc. is a drug discovery company that is focused on the development of antibody-based therapeutics.

Our Science

Biomirex Inc. is a unique antibody company that focuses on discovery of therapeutic antibodies against membrane proteins that represent over 50% of targets amenable for drug design. Since these protein targets require the presence of lipid bilayer for their structural and functional integrity, expression of properly folded and fully functional molecules becomes a very difficult task. The following areas of expertise make Biomirex a well positioned member of the antibody discovery group of companies:

  • Antigen expression approaches that include gene codon optimization for high level of expression
  • Range of antigen presentation platforms that provide fully functional target protein at high concentrations
  • Established, optimized and highly customizable selection protocols
  • High throughput screening technologies that provide identification of highly specific and often conformation-specific antibodies
  • Antibody characterization assays including binding, ligand competition and various functional assays
  • Licensed technology for high-level production of IgG for pre-clinical animal studies

Together with our partner organization Antherix, Biomirex owns unique FAB and ScFv Phage display libraries with complexities ranging from 10e10-10e11.